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Dry, burning, chapped lips are no fun at all.

We live in Canada’s Okanagan Valley. It’s a unique area of Canada where the winters are dry and the summers are hot.

So, naturally we’ve been avid lip balm users for quite some time.

However, it wasn’t until 2007 that we started looking at the ingredients and who actually made this stuff.

Turns out a few huge corporations massively dominate the market. If you buy a lip balm at any drugstore, supermarket, or convenience store chances are very good that it’s from one of only three or four big corporations. And, almost all of the lip balm they make is petroleum based.

Petroleum based balms may not be really unhealthy, per se, but they sure aren’t healthy either. And petroleum definitely isn’t renewable or sustainable.

We get it – petroleum jelly is cheap, and has a long shelf life. So, from their point of view petroleum seems like the right financial decision.

But, we think that we deserve better. You deserve better.

We decided it was time to upgrade our lip balm.

Our goal:

Design a collection of Petroleum-Free balms with contemporary packaging, great flavors, and superior performance.

And, they had to have a smooth glide, be made from natural ingredients, and be long lasting.

Hemp Vanilla, Hemp Coconut, and Hemp Mint were our flagship products. Since then, we've added more flavors to our Hemp Collection, a beeswax-free Vegan Collection for all our Vegan pals, a More Moisture Collection for people who need something a bit heavier, and a Tinted Balm for when a touch of color is in order.

We design lip balm for people living a healthy balanced lifestyle in today’s modern world.

If that sound like you, then we think our balms would be a perfect fit.

We hope you love them as much as we do.