Andréa Dykstra - Product Review

April 29, 2013

This is going to read like a promotion for Epic Blend.

And it is.

Sort of...

I am what you might call a "lip balm" connoisseur, having at least three on me (or, if not on me, then at least one in my purse, one in the vehicle, and one in my backpack) at all times! 

I used to worry that I was "addicted" to lip balm. A story came out; a hoax, as it turns out, saying that the more you use lip balm, the more you need to use it. Yep, sounds like addiction to me! *Here's a humourous (or so I hope, hahaha!!) website dealing with the "addiction" question; I came across it when I was searching for the article that debunked the "addiction" story, I hope this will make you laugh instead! :)

I do, however, remember one time during my first marriage where my (then) husband pulled me aside gently, and uttered these words, "We need to talk." I shuddered (I was still in aversion to any type of {perceived} confrontation" so these four words struck dread in my heart).

He silently pulled me upstairs to the en-suite bathroom, and I'm wondering - what is this about? He pulls open the second drawer and shows me that this drawer is full of lip balms (or "Chapstick's" as I used to call every type of lip balm, before my current one). Thirty-five lip balms to be precise (and this didn't include the five in my purse!).

So I weaned myself off of this skin soothing balm. Not entirely though, I still had a tube of a "natural" brand lying around - Burts Bees, Alba Botanicals, etc. And then, on a day like any other, I discovered Epic Blend's Hemp Vanilla Lip Balm; my life has never been the same since!! Okay, perhaps a little "writer's liberty" with that last sentence - I can say, that I haven't used another lip balm since...

Actually, I can't quite say that. However, that is what brings me to this story about Epic Blend lip balm. We were in the United States, Oregon to be precise, when I realized that both of the Epic Blend lip balm's that I had brought for this (approximately 10-day) trip, were too low to roll on my lips. Now they became "finger-pots," and were running out fast with this method!!

Ack, I buy one lip balm from an outdoor store, and it claims to "soften and moisturize, hydrate your lips, pleasant taste (referring to the "natural spearmint flavor), relieves dry skin, and protects against dry, chapped, and cracked lips."

The reality is, Dermatone (if I don't get around to sending you that letter, at least I've shared it here), your product did none of those things!! It was so hard and waxy that I couldn't even roll it on my lips! Pleasant taste? If you like to lick the centre of those wind-up air fresheners then it would be! 

Hydrate? Ridiculous! I needed vast amounts of my "finger-pot" epic blend just to get moisture back into my lips that your tube had just ripped open! It did not, contrary to your claim that your inclusion of Safflower and Aloe Oil "penetrates the skin to soften and moisturize;...hydrate your lips and keep them soft and supple!"

It was so disappointing of a lip balm experience, that I said, "I'm going to write a letter!" I kept the cardboard backing, but not the tube of lip balm as I didn't want to feel the weight of even carrying it around and I didn't want to smell it's waxy, noxious scent. So rather than wasting energy sending you a letter, I decided to write about a more pleasant experience (with a local company even, so I'm supporting our own economy too, and it's the "BEST IN THE WORLD" as quoted by me)!

Dear Epic Blend,

Thank you for producing such a GREAT, NATURAL, SMOOTH, TASTY, and ORIGINAL (I did buy one other lip balm after the Dermatone, it was the best of the rest and it couldn't compare to yours!) product!!

Kudos for ensuring good karma by not using GMO products, and making these cruelty-free!! 

Thanks for skipping the petroleum; I only want sustainable resources, and natural things on (and in) my body (and here's a great article I found on alternatives to petroleum; thanks to Brianna Rognlin at Blisstree for sharing it).

And finally, I am grateful that you are allowing me to use them care-free because you took the time to ensure that there is no gluten in them either!!!

You've topped it all off with the use of REAL FLAVOURS, like your Hemp Vanilla with it's real vanilla pods and organic vanilla flavour; yum, yum!!

How do you make this EPIC BLEND even better...price! This lip balm is one class act that can be proud of producing such a genuine product!!

PS. Can you start stocking your brands in the USA stores, that way the next time I write I can truly say, "I've never used another lip balm since!" :)

PPS. Oh, all of the legal stuff...I did not get paid, either in cash or product, for this blog. Although, if Epic Blend were to offer me a year's worth of lip balm now, I wouldn't turn it down!! Hahaha! :~D

And here is how all of you can help support, EPIC BLEND; like them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitterbuy their products! It's good karma; pass it around!! :~D